34th Helsinki Summer Seminar

Societies are increasingly governed by experts; and experts govern far removed from democratic decision-making and judicial control. Politics disappears as authority takes on new forms and dimensions. This year’s summer seminar on international law will explore this development with a view to interrogating the reallocation of values and emergence of new divisions of power. Is it time to revisit Montesquieu? Or are the old vocabularies of law and government still able to accommodate the changing forms and new hierarchies of public authority at various levels of international and domestic governance?

Date & Location

21-25 August 2023

Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki

Speakers include among others:
Laurens Ankersmit (University of Amsterdam)
Christina Eckes (University of Amsterdam)
Davide Gnes (University of Amsterdam)
Johanna Kantola (University of Helsinki)
Päivi Leino-Sandberg (University of Helsinki)
Christoph Möllers (Humboldt University Berlin)
Nikolas M. Rajkovic (Tilburg University)
Ole Jacob Sending (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs)
Milka Sormunen (University of Helsinki)
Kaarlo Tuori (University of Helsinki)

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