Join us at CREA on Thursday 11 January to see a new and original lecture-performance exploring climate change through the lens of law, art and academia. ‘Response-ability on Trial’ is a performance that encourages critical discussion about rights, representation and marginalized voices. The possibilities and dilemmas of climate litigation are brought to you through a DJ, a rap artist and a critical legal scholar.

Date & Time

11 January 2024

19:30 -20:30

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Who has access to rights?

The lecture performance ‘Response-ability on Trial‘ is a transdisciplinary project which explores the idea of a (legal) Anthropocene in the in-between of academic and art. It challenges academic hierarchies and disciplines by integrating various perspectives on climate litigation, more-than-human legalities, power and hegemony. This approach fosters a collaborative discussion that challenges participants to examine the historical dis_continuities of the (legal) Anthropocene. Thereby ‘Response_ability on Trial‘ prompts critical questions about whose interests are recognized as rights, who has access to rights, who is heard, and whose voices are marginalized. Which idea of a common world is negotiated with whom?

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